Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Taylor Family Blast 2010

My kids all grown. I'm proud of each one of them. Stan is in the back and Ross and Sarah on the second row. Sitting are Caitlin and Jeffrey.
Well, this picture is almost complete. We were missing Jared....whom we thought could make it. But....Ben came at the last minute...whom we thought couldn't make it. As the family grows we must treasure any and all the times we can gather. What a blessing!
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Keeping to the schedule.........

Can you tell which ones are really asleep? Which ones are faking it. They are just getting tired of the Itinerary!
Get up folks! We have a schedule of events to follow...................
Ridiculous.....Stan don't smile while you sleep.
Chloe...I think your eyes are open......Hey everyone.....more fun is planned.
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A Time to Prove.....

Daddy's grandfather, Daddy Taylor used to hold all of his children on his birthday. He had eight ...and I suppose I should have listened closer to the story because I don't know when he quit doing it....they did grow rather large. For some reason Jeff has always wanted to do the same so.....this year on his birthday he stood up from the couch and announced that he wanted to carry all the grandkids at the same time. You can't see how Sadee and Emma are hanging on but they are on his thighs and holding onto his forearms. Jared is trying to make sure Heber doesn't flip back and Jeff's in the back because Jill would sit on his shoulders but would not hang on to his head. Probably too sweaty. So happy birthday Jeff, Dad, Poppa. You did It! Now get ready for next year when the only thing that changes is they all get bigger and you only get older.
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Monday, August 09, 2010

Sadee Graduated from the big "K"

All the sisters are there to support her. She did a great job performing musical numbers for all of us to enjoy.
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Sunday, May 09, 2010

More Easter Fun

At the Park across the street.
Ben and Caitlin preparing for the Hunt.
The boys are back from Priesthood unwilling to be serious one moment longer than needed.....we are missing one of the brothers....Jared came later after work.
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Easter Time = Family Time

Colored Eggs .....Hunts for treasure and fun.
Family together for games and food and
Conference. Our Traditional Easter/Conference
Weekend was made extra special when Ben
and Caitlin showed up. They flew in from
Maryland with the help of Judy. This was very special and it was the first time in a very long time that all of us were together. We camped in the backyard ....watched conference....had plenty of good food....but most of all we played and hunted eggs and played and enjoyed the fabulous weather. One reason this post is so late is because we have been so busy ever since. I am trying to redeem myself.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Through an Artistic Eye

I was so impressed with the beauty of the scenes that we saw...I tried to recreate a 'feeling' of the desolate time in history. I got a lot of flak from Jeff for trying to create an "artsy" pictorial. Enjoy.......(as they say on Iron Chef)
A cannon on the grounds of the gettysberg national cemetery.
Old soldiers .....old stones......resting quietly under the arms of an old oak.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Our little doggy is getting all growd up! Duke is turning into a feisty and fun little puppy. No more groggy little baby. He is perky and wants Ross to play with him all the time. At this time he was also trying to chew on everything and everybody. It was hard to stop him from this habit but we did it.
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The Dog has changed

Duke is being introduced to his cousin Rocky...(Stan's dog)----It doesn't really show it here but he is dwarfed quite a bit by Rocky. You can see that he has grown since our last installment of Dukey pictures.
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

All puppies are cute

After a long wait, Ross finally got the puppy that was promised before we moved. Duke is so little and cute.
He was slightly mellow after being neutered but that made him so cuddly.
Ross made his own 'puppy bjorn'. Duke just likes being close to him.
Jill doesn't have any fear getting to know Duke and look how he is growing! More Bigger Doggy pictures to follow!
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Friday, November 06, 2009

Oh to be young again...

Jeffrey was using the beast along with Stan clearing the way with a shovel..grueling work and they find out later how it all fits together for a purpose.
Stan and Jeff ripped all the shingles off the kitchen awning. A lot of dust and dirt will be replaced by some new galvanized corrugated tin. Out with the old and in with the new. Not everything old is going ....we were just simplifying to clean the cabin easier.
Carrie is making sure everyone is getting enough to eat. I'm pretty sure no one went away hungry. We had to keep the crew fed and energized!
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more cabin work

More mixing is going to take a lot of cement to create the strong footings for the cabin.

Ross worked hard loosening up the dirt for each of the holes for the footings.
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Happy Birthday Cabin!

Well, in October some family went to the cabin and did some serious digging, figuring, cementing and demolition. It was such a blessing to have all the volunteers working to restore some strength and balance to the cabin. Through the years it had shifted and drifted. Thanks to my brothers in law...Jeff Bartlett and Kent Saunders the "how to" was there. Thanks to Jeffrey, Stanley, Ross, Ron and of course Dayton there was some strong backs. Some of us girls came to feed and clean and support. There was plenty to do.
Here is the beginning of the face lift. the guys worked well in to the night on Friday then got up early on Saturday only to charge forward. Between the cement and the upcoming winter....time was of the essence.
Dayton was trying to help with Stanley as his immediate supervisor
Here is the lady who started it all. I hope she felt like her goals for the cabin were coming to fruition. Slowly but surely.
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